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Quick production of personnel documents

Effective team management


Simple creation of a carnet

To whom #kadraboutcska does it help?

Kadrovska is used by #fandrmama who wants to digitize the work of their HR/personnel service and #knjandMraboutcaboutdama which administration HR documents for their clients.

Overview of the most important #finnkcandja



✅ Automated creation of documents according to our models that the user can adapt to his needs

✅ Quick and easy search of employer and employee documents

Look at the document database!


✅ Easily create and assign employees to teams for work on Project X, for work for Client X, for Construction Site X, for work in Territory X, for Product X, etc.
✅ Create reports by Teams


✅ Who is on sick leave this month?
✅ Who goes on annual leave in August?
✅ How much annual leave did I use in 2022 and how much do I still have from 2021?
✅ Whose contract expires in November and December?
✅ Who borrowed everything from the phone?
✅ How did we evaluate the work of employees in March?
✅ With whom did we conclude the annex on the change in earnings in the first half of the year?
See sample reports!

Email reminders

✅ Email reminder about the expiration of the contract
✅ Email reminder about the start of the employee's absence
✅ Email reminder about the expiration of the employee's leave from work
✅ Email reminder about the expiration of the sanitary card or work permit

Annual Leave

✅ Employees can log into the application and submit requests for annual leave
✅ The employer can approve the use of annual leave in several levels
✅ The employer can deliver the documents on the use of annual leave to the employee via the application or email


✅ Recording the duration of employees' working hours (at work, break, private outing, official outing,)
✅ Integration with Martix/Cosec and Erviko systems for reading RFID tags.
✅ Automated production of Carnet and Recapitulation. The carnet is a daily overview of how long the employee worked or was on leave. Recapitulation is the classification of working hours or hours of absence into legal categories (daytime work, overtime work, night work, work on public holidays, number of hours on annual leave, number of hours on sick leave...)

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