Email reminders


Email reminders

Why do I need an email reminder for the expiration of the employment contract?

Fixed-term employment contracts create an obligation for the HR department to take care of their extension. Our email reminder for the expiration of the employment contract solves this problem. Before the contract expires, the HR department should check whether the employer wants to extend the employee's contract and for what period. An additional problem for the personnel department arises when there are several such employees whose contracts "expire" at different periods of the month. In these situations, the human resources department "comes up" with some reminders, various notes, but all this is not enough, and due to other obligations, it is often the case that the employee fails to extend the employment relationship.

What are the consequences if I do not renew my employment contract?

Let's start from of the Labor Law :

  • In art. 175th century 1st point. 1. of the Labor Law it is determined that the employment relationship ends at the end of the term for which it was established.
  • In art. 37th century 6 of the Labor Law stipulates that if an employee stays working for the employer for at least five working days after the expiration of the time for which the contract was concluded, the employment relationship is considered to be based on an indefinite period.

Namely, if you do not extend the employment relationship (with an annex to the employment contract or a new contract), upon the expiration of the period for which the employment contract was concluded for a fixed period of time - the employment relationship ends. Most often, the HR department gets this information when the employee goes to the doctor and they tell him "your card is not certified" or when the labor inspectorate requests the employee's documentation.

If, on the other hand, the employee continues to work for the employer despite the fact that his employment contract has "expired", there will be a transformation of the employment relationship and it will be considered that the employee has established an employment relationship for an indefinite period. This is a big problem for the personnel service because the status of an employee is imposed on the employer, which he obviously did not want.

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How does solve the problem of email reminders?

In order to solve this problem, the application has a function email notifications. Namely, the user can set that the application notifies him 7/15/30 days before the expiration of the employment contract that the employee's employment contract expires by sending an email to one or more addresses at the same time. If the user opts for the application to notify him 7 days before the end of the employment contract, it will every day until the contract expires (on the sixth day, fifth day, etc.) send an email with a notification that the employee's employment contract is expiring.

In addition to notification of the expiration of the employment contract, the application also provides notification of the expiration of the leave (example: when the employee returns from vacation or sick leave), as well as notification of the expiration of the passbook/permit (example: when the employee's sanitary passbook expires).